What tools do I use?

Prototyping and Documentation

I use a variety of ever changing tools for prototyping. There is always something new out in prototyping software. Lately I’ve been using Axure 8. They’ve really paid attention to solving the need for working prototypes for a wide variety of devices and the need for detailed specifications. I’ve used Axure to design prototypes of micro-sites, web apps and mobile and iPad apps.

When working on enterprise projects, a prototype alone isn’t always sufficient. It can go a long way, but detailed specifications are often needed so the developers and QA all understand exactly the designed intentions. With Axure I can design a prototype and annotate it then generate the working prototype and a Word file.

InDesign still does a good job of making wireframes along with annotations. Using it in combination with InVision is a good workflow for more simple prototypes. This works really well in teams, so I can wireframe something and create the hotspots in InVision to sketch out a concept. Then later a visual designer can come in and take advantage of all the programming and integrating the visual design for a more fully realized prototype.


For graphics, it’s the Adobe Creative Suite. Photoshop, Illustrator. I’ve also been working a little with Sketch, but I’ve been using Adobe’s tools since forever.


I prefer Keynote over PowerPoint. But often I’m using a prototype as a presentation tool.